Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Day in Gettysburg

Hi everybody. My first two weeks in Gettysburg have been going great! I would have posted sooner except for the facts that I have been really busy with training and I am still having internet problems. Nevertheless, a fellow intern is letting me use his laptop for a few things. Hopefully, my internet problems will be solved within the next week. I have about a dozen posts all ready to go! My first post covers some events from this past Memorial Day here in Gettysburg. I hope you enjoy!
I first attended a ceremony at the Lincoln Cemetery to honor the 30 United States Colored Troops buried there. It was a very emotional and lively commemoration. Their names are shown on the monument above.
This will provide you some more information on the Cemetery.
Another view of the Lincoln Cemetery.

I also attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the National Cemetery. This is one of the few times of the year you can really see all the tombstones because of the flags on them. Here, James Getty as Abe Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address. I would estimate that several thousand people attended. It was a very edifying day.

(Sorry for the wobbliness of the video.)


  1. Very nice post. I visited the National Cemetery on Sunday (before Memorial day) and was very much in awe at all the flags.

  2. Nice blog. I currently live at the McKnight/Latshaw's Tavern where the small skirmish at New Salem took place (ref previous blog) I am currently researching the history of the house during the Civil War. Neat stuff...Trying to find more on its use as a hospital during Gettysburg....