Monday, June 29, 2009

Battle of Hunterstown Anniversary - July 2

Mark and I unveil my painting of Custer at the Hunterstown monument dedication last year. (Courtesy Frank Meredith.)

Once again, I will be attending the special anniversary ceremonies at Hunterstown (North Cavalry Field at Gettysburg just a few miles north of town). Last year, a monument was dedicated to George Custer and his Michigan Wolverines there. That same day, I had the opportunity to unveil my painting of Custer's first charge. This July 2, there will be just as many events and ceremonies as last summer. Canvas giclee prints of my painting, "I'll Lead You This Time," as well as my other books and prints, will be available for purchase. In addition, several talented artists, photographers, historians, and authors will be conducting tours and selling their wares. As you can see from the program listing below, there will be plenty to do throughout the day! Most of these events are free and open to the public!

A full listing of the events throughout the day can be found at the official Hunterstown website.

I stand beside Glenn Churchill, grandson of Norvell Churchill, the man who saved Custer's life at Hunterstown as depicted in my painting.

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