Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Gettysburg Cyclorama

Okay, the picture above isn't a completely accurate photo. At right is Paul Philippoteaux, a famed French artist who painted the masterful Gettysburg Cyclorama (now refurbished and on display in the visitor center). The two guys on the other hand don't seem to fit in...for they are myself and my little brother. This picture was taken on the Grand Opening weekend in September and we stood in front of a green screen. Great photo, huh?

Anyway, I thought I'd share some cyclorama photos today. Most interestingly is a 360 degree viewer of the painting which was done during the restoration process. This one is really cool! Below are some more vintage images of the famous painting.

The first version of the painting, completed in 1883 and originally exhibited in Chicago, was lost for some time. It was rediscovered in 1965 and purchased by a group of North Carolina investors in 2007 for an undisclosed amount. Until November 2005, the second painting, originally exhibited in Boston, was on display at the Gettysburg National Military Park. It was removed for restoration work and the exhibition was reopened September 2008 in the new Gettysburg National Park Museum and Visitor Center. The third version, exhibited in Philadelphia, is known to have been destroyed. The location of the fourth version, originally exhibited in Brooklyn, is unknown.
Here is a view of the Cyclorama when in Nashville, TN.
And in Boston. The painting inside this one is the one now in Gettysburg.
It was then moved to this building on Cemetery Hill in 1913 where it was nailed to the wall!

It was then moved to this one in 1961. It was on display here until 2005 when restoration began.
Below are some interior shots.
And here is Richard Neutra, designer of the '60s cyclorama building, as seen in front of his creation. This photo was taken in 1969, a year before his death. His family is trying to save the building from demolition, but I can't say I support their mission to do so. The building never fit into the rural atmosphere. Special thanks to the Center of Civil War Photography for this picture.

More pictures and video to come!

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  1. I have a brother thats interested in the Civil War,too.