Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Immaculate Connection

Not to digress from my usual posts, but me and everyone else in western Pennsylvania are celebrating the Steelers' triumph over the Arizona Cardinals. The 27-23 victory was a true nail biter in the 4th quarter but was saved by Santonio Holmes amazing end zone reception. He had three Cardinals on him yet made the catch. Amazing! Holmes was recognized as MVP.

I had the opportunity to meet Dan and Jim Rooney, owners of the Steelers, this past October. They must be incredibly proud to be the only NFL team to win six Superbowls. It can be considered an historic night for sports fans. In 2006, we got one for the thumb. Now, we got six for kicks. Go Steelers!

Holmes makes his game-saving touchdown.


  1. We have been enjoying the whole week! Thursday we went to the Steeler Rally at City Hall in Pittsburgh, and then went to the "Blizzard Rally" on Friday in Johnstown.

    After we picked ourselves up off the floor from near heart attacks on Sunday, we then went to the biggie.... We went to the Victory Parade in city on Tuesday!!!!

    I've posted alot on my blog...

  2. Yes, I didn't think old Dan Rooney's heart was going to make it! Phew!