Monday, January 12, 2009

It's Official: I'm in!

Just as I was preparing to leave home for my first day returning to college, the phone rang. I thought it was going to be my mother, for she often calls me from work many mornings to wish me well at school. Instead, another lady replied to my "hello." It was Barb Sanders, education coordinator at Gettysburg National Military Park. This was it! The culmination of hours of work and months of anxious waiting was at hand.

Back in June (five months before the deadline), I applied for an internship at the park. I wrote a heartfelt cover letter, poured over a five page resume, included seven references, an eight page bibliography, and even some sample artwork. I really wanted this internship.

Now, seven months later, I was about to learn whether or not it was all for nothing. After a brief moment of greetings, I heard the words I had long been waiting for: "...we'd love you to come spend the summer with us." I did it! Obviously, I was and still am elated. When I told one of my history professors today that I got the position, he jumped out of his office chair and gave me a pat on the back. Needless to say, my family and friends are as equally enthused.

This internship means a lot to me. Not only do I read or watch anything Gettysburg related I can get my hands on, but the place holds a much higher meaning to myself and millions of others. I had at least three ancestors who fought there in Union regiments, including the 53rd PVI and the 116th PA. Ever since I first visited the place at age seven, I knew I wanted to enter the History profession. Barb Sanders told me it looked like I had been preparing for this opportunity my whole life. In many way, I have.

Through this blog, I plan to chronicle my experiences at Gettysburg this summer as well as my steps in preparing for my internship. Along the way, I hope to share numerous historical anecdotes, news articles, and modern events regarding Gettysburg and the American Civil War. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I do sharing it.

My posts may be few over the coming weeks since I'm just starting a new semester and my actual internship is still sometime away. Nevertheless, I'll keep you up to date now and again. Until then, cheers.


  1. Jared,

    Congratulations on the internship. I will be sure to stop by and say hello on one of our frequent trips over the summer.

    Jim Beeghley
    Teaching the Civil War with Technology

  2. Thanks Jim! I was going to email you about my new blog, but it appears you discovered it first! Would you be so kind to put a link from your site to mine on your blog? Thanks again!

  3. This is amazing news, J, and so well deserved.

    I just linked this blog to mine.

    - "Kelsmiley"

  4. Jared,

    Welcome to the Civil War blogosphere! I've linked to your (very active!) new blog over at TOCWOC - A Civil War Blog.